Heldayani, HE and Muhamad Muslim, MM and M. Nazarudin (030811020), MN (2014) DIFFERENCES DELAY TIME EXAMINATION OF SGPT LEVELS. KTI thesis, AAK Borneo Lestari.

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ABSTRACT DIFFERENCES DELAY TIME EXAMINATION OF SGPT LEVELS Heldayani Muhammad Muslim; Muhammad Nazaruddin Examination SGPT is one examination using serum as sample examination. After centrifugation, the serum should be used immediately for analysis and if delayed serum should be separated from the clot and stored in the refrigerator. Facts on the ground, a delay may occur for several reasons and if there is a delay, the serum is not separate from the blood clot. The purpose of the study to determine the difference in time delay examination of SGPT levels. This type of experimental research with pretest and posttest. The level of SGPT was performed with a spektrofototometer with method the International Federal of Clinical Chemistry (IFCC), and the results will be statistically tested ANOVA. Materials research is serum immediately, de=ayed 1 hour, 2 hours and 3 hours at room temperature with storage of serum isn’tseparated from the clot. Average ofSGPT levels serum checked immediately at 35.95 U / L, delayed 1 hour of 35.16 U / L, was delayed 2 hours of 32.48 U / L and delayed 3 hours of 29.06 U / L. SGPT levels delayed 1 hour decreased 2.14% of the immediate, delayed 2 hours decreased 9.6% from the immediate and delayed 3 hours of 19.12% decrease from immediately. Statistick ofANOVA test results significant value 0.082> α 0.05 showed no difference between the levels of SGPT were examined immediately and delayed 1 hour, 2 hours and 3 hours. From this study it can be concluded that the delay in the examination does not provide different results against the results of SGPT levels. Suggestions from this study, expected to be the input for power analysts urge to keep checking SGPT and serum separated from the clot less than 2 hours. Keywords: Delay, Room Temperature and SGPT

Item Type: Thesis (KTI)
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